Agricultural sector

Agricultural sector

Active financing of agricultural sector facilities in Russia creates a favorable basis for the construction of new poultry plants, fur farms, piggeries and infrastructural assets of agrarian business.

The traditional construction solution for these facilities is mostly using sandwich panels (wall and roof). However, this solution has several shortcomings:

  • Firstly, the installation features junction places which are susceptible to leakage in case of poor-quality installation or design error.
  • Secondly, the “roofing pie” price per square meter with sandwich panels is quite high.

The use of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane advantages:

  • First of all, a quick installation;
  • Fully sealed, waterproofed flooring;
  • a possibility to choose the thermal insulation material as a base in accordance with fire safety requirements;
  • PLASTFOIL® выпускается различных цветов и предлагает широкую цветовую гамму;
  • PLASTFOIL® is manufactured in various colors and offers a wide variety of colors;
  • Besides the "roofing pie" price per square meter with the use of PENOPLEX® and PLASTFOIL® materials are significantly lower than the cost of sandwich panels;

The results have shown that the service life of PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing is 30 years, and is comparable to the lifetime of the structure itself.

Thus, technical solutions with the use of PENOPLEX® and PLASTFOIL® materials make it possible to reliably and permanently complete tasks related to roofing agricultural facilities without additional costs.