Civil engineering renovation

Civil engineering renovationTo date, the majority of roofs on houses and other civil engineered facilities in Russia need renovation. This is due partially to the massive use of bituminous materials in our country, which have many shortcomings: fragility at significant negative temperatures, high heat rate when exposed to direct sunlight (as well as to the traditional dark color of bituminous waterproofing), low speed of material placement, the necessity of using open fire during the installation, short term maintenance-free operation, etc.

As a result, it is required to replace the bituminous roof every 3-5 years, because the material starts falling into disrepair causing the leakages and giving residents many problems on the upper floors. Quite often, bituminous waterproofing is used again in repairs, and a vicious circle of “renovation - short-term maintenance-free operation – renovation” is created.

Civil engineering renovationTherefore, every year enormous sums of money from the state budget are spent on repairing roofs, and citizens suffer losses and inconveniences due to unreliability roofing. In the past we had to accept these and other shortcomings, but today there are modern domestic roofing materials, the use of which can cardinally change the situation for the better. We are talking about PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing membranes which have proven themselves in the Russian construction market as a reliable and convenient material.

PLASTFOIL® membranes have many advantages in comparison with out-of-date bituminous materials:

Civil engineering renovation

  • High strength indicators::
    The tensile strength and resistance to physical and mechanical stress of PLASTFOIL® materials are on average 4-6 times higher than the analogical indicators of bituminous materials.

  • Light weight with a large coverage area
    The polymer membrane doesn’t create any additional weight load on the building structure, since the weight of the roof membrane is only 1.3-1.4 kg/sq. m.

  • Convenient, efficient and safe to install
    The mechanized material placement technology: in one layer and without the use of open fire, which greatly simplifies and speeds up installation.

  • Waterproofing does not require regular maintenance and repair
    The material does not require any special maintenance after its placement, it may be repaired even after many years of operation in the event of mechanical damages.

  • Biostability
    In the process of life, mold, fungi and other harmful microorganisms release toxic substances which can destroy almost any material. This is why PLASTFOIL® material contains components which ensure an absolutely biostabile membrane (according to the K.D. Pamfilov Academy of Municipal Services OJSC conclusion)

  • Ultraviolet radiation resistance
    The polymer membrane contains special UV stabilizers which make this material resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The membrane does not change its technical characteristics when exposed to sunlight, and it does not change its color or fade.

  • Long service life
    The actual service life of the material is more than 30 years.