Commercial real estate

Commercial real estateOne of the fastest growing and most cost-effective directions in construction is the construction of commercial real estate facilities: shopping centers, hotels, business centers, etc.

The following factors are the primary issues now: economic efficiency of the project, possibility to execute complex architectural forms, aesthetic function, safety of the solution and its durability.

PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane meets the highest European standards and has been successfully used in the construction of shopping centers, hotels and business centers in Russia.

The main advantages of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane relevant for constructing commercial real estate are:

  • service life of more than 30 years;
  • high maintainability;
  • if necessary, the possibilities of quick repair –patches of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane are easily assembled and welded with hot air, and the seam strength ensures the operational integrity and absence of leakages;
  • ease of operation;
  • resistance to any weather and temperature conditions, which make it possible to work with PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane throughout the year;
  • it is possible to organize the movement of service staff directly on the roof without the risk of damaging the polymer coating, thanks to the use of easily assembled tracks of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane;
  • the possibility to construct the roof for creating a winter garden, panoramic viewing platform, summer restaurant and soon;