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Foundation insulation




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The foundation is the basic structure of any building, so there needs to be special attention to the foundation insulation.

PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane will protect the foundation from the damaging effects of:

  • groundwater and rainwater;
  • acids and salts contained in the soil;
  • harmful microorganisms – fungi and bacteria;
  • tree roots.

Foundation constructions are constantly under strong pressure. Due to the high stability, elasticity and flexibility of the material, the solid protection of the foundation will remain even in the case of a substantial building settlement.

Using PLASTFOIL® for foundation insulation saves time and money during the construction of the foundation:

  • the membranes are quickly and easily installed in a single layer without an open fire and complex welding equipment;
  • PLASTFOIL® waterproofing is frost resistant, you can work with it in winter and in summer;
  • no additional priming operation of concrete surface is required.

PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing will preserve the integrity and stability of the foundation for many years. Major building overhaul and renovations will not be required in the near future.

PLASTFOIL® foundation insulation in combination with PENOPLEX® thermal insulation will also help:

  • to solve the problem of the foundation deformation due to the frost boil of the soil (when freezing, wet soil increases in volume, and when thawing, it is reduced);
  • to preserve the heat in the entire building (20% of heat loss fall within the foundation area).