Housing construction

Housing constructionCurrently, the majority of houses in Russia need renovation. In recent years, the use of bituminous materials with low operational properties has led to a rapid loss of elasticity and crack formation causing leakages and real damage.

An effective solution for renovating is PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing:

  • firstly, renovation may be done without cleaning old bituminous roofing first;
  • secondly, the polymer waterproofing is harmless and does not leave any pungent smells in the building like bituminous materials;
  • PLASTFOIL® coils are installed in one layer, which eliminates waste formation, while after the renovation, with the use of bitumen, there are piles of used material at the entrance;
  • and perhaps the most important condition for repairing houses is the people’s safety. Unlike bitumen, PLASTFOIL® is connected by hot air, without the use of open fire, making the process fast and eliminating the risk of fire or explosion of a gas cylinder.

The service life of PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing is more than 30 years in comparison with 10-15 years of bituminous rolled materials. This means that for a few years of operation thousands of money will be saved on each meter of the roof.

Thanks to its operational properties, safety and ease of installation — PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane is optimal for the constructing roofs of modern residential complexes in architectural designs of any complexity.

PLASTFOIL® is successfully used for waterproofing absolutely all currently existing roof types: mechanical, ballast and inverted.

Using PLASTFOIL® polymeric membrane allows you to make the roof operational - to create a walking area, car parking or greenhouse. At this moment, the task of constructing inverted operational roofs is becoming more important as it solves problems associated with a lack of free land plots for creating courts and playgrounds in big cities, in increasing housing density.