Manufacturing facilities

Новый современный завод Teknos строят с применением гидроизоляции PlastfoilThe roofs of industrial facilities are subject to strict requirements, in view of the fact that these are the roofs of facilities which have high-tech equipment, expensive materials and, most importantly, the production personnel.

PLASTFOIL® modern polymer membrane:

  • meets the increased safety requirements during roofing

    Installation is carried out without the use of gas cylinders and open fire which makes it possible to use the material even at chemical, oil and other fire hazardous facilities.

  • makes it possible to carry out work in a quality and timely manner

    PLASTFOIL®, unlike the bituminous materials, is laid in a single layer. In addition to the speed of laying the coils in comfortable sizes (width - 2 meters, length - 25 meters) can reduce the loading and unloading operations, and most importantly - they significantly reduce the amount of welding, which is the most common place for the formation of leaks. Laying is year-round at almost any temperature, eliminating downtime in construction.

  • ensures long-term and maintenance-free operation

    The weight of 1 sq. m of PLASTFOIL® is about 1.5 kg, which is 3-4 times lower than the weight of bituminous materials, and this makes it possible to reduce the load on the roof’s support base. The tensile strength and resistance to physical and mechanical stress of PLASTFOIL® are 3-4 times higher than those of bituminous materials. Special components and stabilizers in the composition of the material’s top layer protect the waterproof surface from the damaging effects of UV rays. Furthermore, PLASTFOIL® is resistant to oxidation, biologically stable and has high elasticity, which together with the above mentioned advantages ensures its long-term operation of at least 30 years.

  • will considerably save the financial resources of the enterprise.

    For an 8-hour work shift a roofing team is able to waterproof at least 1,000 sq. m of the roof. It shows a significant amount of time saved and therefore financial expenses. In addition, the use of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane helps eliminate annual loss incurred by industrial enterprises as a result of leaks in bituminous coating.

In recent years, saving energy has become a primary issue for large industrial facilities. The top layer of PLASTFOIL® is a light color which reflects solar radiation and heats up less, unlike black bituminous materials, so the enterprise’s energy resources are significantly saved.

PLASTFOIL® modern polymer membrane is optimal for installing and renovating roofs of industrial facilities. Every year more and more large enterprises in Russia choose PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing membrane for their facilities.

Among them, are large facilities such as: Hyundai Plant, Krasnodar CHP Plant, Novosibirsk automotive equipment maintenance plant for the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, Omsk Oil Refinery and many more.