Material conferring a special reliability

Restoration of the cultural legacy, construction of top highways, intensive development of service enterprises in recent years helps Poland to popularize it among tourists from Europe and other parts of the world. Travelers are happy to stay in guest houses which provide them with comfortable accommodation, quality food and friendly service.

Coziness and comfort of the guesthouse residents depends largely on the state of the building structures, including the roof. Rains in Poland are not uncommon, and it is reasonable to make roof of a building providing with the guarantee of the leaks absence. The waterproofing membrane PLASTFOIL® affords such opportunity eliminating leakage for at least 10 years. The material is impermeable, durable, resistant to UV rays and atmospheric chemical aggression, resistant to high and low temperatures, as well as their differential. PLASTFOIL® is a modern, high-tech waterproofing material which confers the roof construction special reliability.