PLASTFOIL® - for socially significant facilities in Bulgaria

PLASTFOIL - for socially significant facilities in BulgariaThe modern polymeric membrane PLASTFOIL®, innovative solution of the company PENOPLEX, will secure the roof of a dining room of the general elementary school in the northern part of Bulgaria. The object is located in the city of Veliko Tarnovo on the street of Osvobozhdenie, 29. During the reconstruction of the roofing of the building the contractor applied an approved waterproofing material PLASTFOIL® ECO 1,5 mm.

Reliable waterproofing membrane PLASTFOIL® ECO has optimal characteristics for performing a single-layer waterproofing roof with a mechanical fastening method. Application of PLASTFOIL® will reliably provide a long service life of the Bulgarian school roof. An increase in the supplies of this material to the European construction sites confirms the high quality of the PLASTFOIL® polymeric membrane manufactured on the most advanced production lines in full compliance with the Russian GOST standards and European EN standards.

PLASTFOIL - for socially significant facilities in BulgariaThe modern high-quality waterproofing material PLASTFOIL® has an absolute tightness, energy efficiency, minimal flammability group, high biostability. PLASTFOIL® can be installed in one layer without open flames. Due to the exceptional technical and operational characteristics of the polymeric membrane PLASTFOIL® the trust of the European constructors to the waterproofing of one of the leading European manufacturers - the company "PENOPLEX" - is growing rapidly.