The waterproofing of a new transformer plant in Kazakhstan was committed to PLASTFOIL®

The waterproofing of a new transformer plant in Kazakhstan was committed to PLASTFOILThe construction of a new transformer plant on the territory of the Tassay industrial zone in the South Kazakhstan region is carried out applying a reliable waterproofing membrane PLASTFOIL® manufactured on the most advanced German equipment of PENOPLEX company plants. Commissioning of this strategically significant industrial facility is planned for 2018.

This will be the first plant in Kazakhstan manufacturing of 220 and 500 kV transformers, the capacity of the enterprise is capable to manufacture 120 transformers per a year. It is estimated that this volume of products will satisfy the needs of Kazakhstan and CIS countries. Nearly half of the transformers are planned to be exported abroad. In order to ensure a reliable protection of the roof covering of the building from the negative impact of atmospheric precipitation constructors applied a high-quality waterproofing PLASTFOIL® POLAR with a thickness of 1,5 mm. Installation works at the facility were carried out by the company SpetsProm LTD. The total volume of the polymeric membrane supplied to the construction site was 36,000 m2.

The modern waterproofing membrane PLASTFOIL® is manufactured by extrusion and calendering from suspended PVC according to the GOST 14332-78. The additional reinforcement with a synthetic mesh increases the tensile strength of the material - which is an important parameter for systems with mechanical fastening. PLASTFOIL® polymeric membrane has absolute tightness, energy efficiency, high biostability and minimal flammability group.

The company PENOPLEX actively increases supplies of waterproofing material PLASTFOIL® to the construction sites of industrial facilities of different regions in Russia and abroad. This fact indicates that every year the construction market is moving to more qualitative waterproofing materials: professionals make durability parameter and technical characteristics a priority.