Reconstruction of the roof of a canning plant in Poland with PLASTFOIL®

Reconstruction of the roof of a canning plant in Poland with PLASTFOIL® The canning plant WZPOW KWIDZYN is located in the Polish city of Kwidzin. The company works in the vegetable-fruit industry and produces canned vegetables, side dishes from salads, frozen vegetables and fruits. The company was founded in 1934 in the Pomeranian region with excellent climate conditions for agriculture; therefore the raw material for canning production has the highest characteristics. WZPOW KWIDZYN is the largest producer of green peas in Poland which is the main product among the frozen and canned product range. High quality products and advanced technologies guarantee the constant demand of consumers in Poland and abroad.
One of the company's goals is to increase the efficiency of production processes, including the introduction of new technologies and maintenance of necessary conditions in the premises of the plant. For reconstruction 5 000 sq. meters of the roof of the WZPOW KWIDZYN plant, a modern waterproofing PLASTFOIL® was applied. In the process of repair it was applied a durable and reliable waterproofing material of a new generation PLASTFOIL® ECO 1,5 mm. Increased requirements for waterproofing are inspired by the fact that are high-tech equipment and production personnel are under the roof. Waterproofing material of high quality PLASTFOIL® ECO reinforced with synthetic mesh has high strength and light weight, which is important for a large area of coverage. Special additives in the top layer of PLASTFOIL® protect the surface of the waterproofing coating from ultraviolet radiation. Durable waterproofing material PLASTFOIL® is biostable, resistant to oxidation and mold formation. PLASTFOIL® has optimum characteristics for the installation of a single-layer waterproofing of roofs with a mechanical fastening method, including places of its junctions. The reliability and quality of the waterproofing material PLASTFOIL® is confirmed by the certification of the Technical and Testing and Construction Institute of Prague, as well as tests successfully passed in the European laboratories.