PENOPLEX® and PLASTFOIL® in Odessan Arkadia

The roof of the Premier Hotel Odessa (Ukraine) with an area of 2500 m2 is equipped by means of efficient polymeric waterproofing membrane PLASTFOIL® and high-quality thermal insulation PENOPLEX® made of extruded polystyrene foam. The object belongs to the Premier Hotels and Resorts chain, which manages hotels in many cities of Ukraine.

Premier Hotel Odessa is the former Yunost Hotel, which will open its doors for tourists after a large reconstruction. The building is located on the corner of Academic Street and French Boulevard, 500 meters from the sea coast in the Arkadia district. This territory is named so in honor of the Greek region, where according to the legend, happiness, peace, quietness and prosperity prevailed in ancient times. Odessan Arkadia traces its history back to the end of the XIX century, when the arrangement of the comfortable beach and the construction of the resort infrastructure began. After the 1917 revolution, a park of the same name was laid out in Arkadia, health resorts, guest houses, and hotels were built. "Youth" is one among many Soviet-built objects which is now in a desperate need of modernization.

Nowadays much has been done for the reconstruction of the hotel. In particular, the roof is fully equipped. The contracting company ROOF-MASTER, which has an extensive experience in the design and installation of flat roofs using PVC membranes, applied an advanced technical solution with single-layer waterproofing. The roofing “pie” on the basis of reinforced concrete consists of a concrete blinding coat with a thickness of 60 mm, a 200-millimeter layer of PENOPLEX® heat-insulating boards, geotextiles and PLASTFOIL® Eco with a thickness of 1.5 mm.

For reliable protection against precipitation, a single layer of PVC membrane is sufficient, in contrast to outdated rolled bitumen coverings which are installed at least two layers. Waterproofing PLASTFOIL® Eco is noted for a combination of high strength and elasticity, resistance to UV rays, high and low temperatures, as well as their changes, light weight, durability and other advantages.

PENOPLEX ® thermal insulation also provides a reliable protection for the roof of the hotel in its sphere of application. The material minimizes heat loss through the roof which can be up to 20% of their total volume in the building. PENOPLEX ® is endowed with high thermal properties, its coefficient of heat conductivity even in the most adverse conditions does not exceed 0,034 W / m ∙ K, it is one of the lowest indicators among modern heaters. Due to zero water absorption this material maintains its thermal performance parameters stable throughout its service life.

PENOPLEX® and PLASTFOIL® are worthy of each other. Both are lightweight and durable, environmentally friendly, biostable and durable - each has a service life of at least 50 years. Application of these reliable thermal and waterproofing materials is always relevant in the hotel business: one-time investment in PENOPLEX® and PLASTFOIL® will allow you not to think about repairing the roof for many decades.