Roof reconstruction of the meat canning plant

PLASTFOIL® secures a roof of a car service and tyre center in EstoniaFollowing the traditions and maintenance of high quality of the products are main aspects of philosophy of the meat processing plant Wojciech Zieliński. One of the oldest production facilities in Poland is located in the city of Kwidzyn in the Pomeranian province and has been existed for more than 40 years. The plant applies modern equipment and follows traditional recipes in the production process. All food products are controlled by the special laboratory and are made from meat and spices of high quality. In the range of Wojciech Zieliński there are about 150 kinds of meat products which include: smoked sausages and frankfurters, hams and pâtés, lardon and hams, carbonates and bacons, poultry sausages. To ensure effective logistics the company has its fleet of vehicles allowing transportation of meat at the optimum temperature and in the right conditions. Since the moment of its start-up Wojciech Zieliński products have a high reputation and are very popular.

For the roof reconstruction of the butcher’s unit of the plant modern waterproofing material PLASTFOIL® was applied. The most advanced durable and reliable waterproofing material PLASTFOIL® ECO was applied for this project. Polymeric membrane reinforced with a synthetic mesh has optimal characteristics for the installation of a single-layer waterproofing roof covering with a mechanical fastening method. PLASTFOIL® polymeric membrane is environmentally friendly and has service life time more than 30 years. It is UV-resistant and has a light weight which is important for a large area of coverage. The roofing of the Wojciech Zieliński plant applying PLASTFOIL® material was performed without the use of an open flame. PLASTFOIL® ECO polymeric membrane is widely used for waterproofing of roofs with mechanical fastening of industrial facilities, warehouses and shopping malls. The high quality of PLASTFOIL® is confirmed by multiple domestic certificates from leading technical institutes and organizations. The PLASTFOIL® membrane has passed European certification at the Technical and Test Building Institute of Prague, which is another proof of the perfect quality of the products which have passed the most serious tests in European laboratories.