Plastfoil roofing membrane – roof insulation

roof insulation


Polymeric membrane PLASTFOIL®


Geotextile separation layer or fiberglass




Insulation mineral wool


Vapor barrier


The base of the roof profile sheets

PLASTFOIL® roofing membrane is one of the most reliable, convenient and cost-effective materials for roof insulation in the Russian market. PLASTFOIL® roof insulation is successfully used in the construction and repair of flat and gentle-slope roofs.

Advantages of PLASTFOIL® roof insulation

  • Durability: the service life of PLASTFOIL® roof waterproofing is more than 30 years. This is three times longer than the service life of bituminous materials.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays and oxidation. We also guarantee biological stability in our products.
  • Stability of PLASTFOIL® roofing membranes is four to six times higher than than that of bituminous materials.
  • Economic efficiency: PLASTFOIL® is laid in a single layer which equals multiple layers of bituminous coatings in efficiency.
  • Lightness: PLASTFOIL® roofing membrane weighs several times fewer than bituminous materials (the roofing membrane weight is only 1.3-1.4 kg/sq. m in comparison with 8.5 kg/sq. m of bituminous waterproofing).
  • Fire safety: PLASTFOIL® membrane is welded with hot air without the use of open fire and gas cylinders.
  • Quick installation: one team can waterproof up to 1,000 square meters of a single roof in one work shift.
  • Resistance to low and high temperatures: PLASTFOIL® membranes remain flexible in all weather conditions and can withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles. You can work with them all year.
  • Ecological safety, absence of strong smell.

High quality material may significantly reduce repair costs. You have to repair bituminous roofs every three or four years, and a PLASTFOIL® roof will have a lifespan without leakages of about 30 years.

Black bituminous coating strongly heats up during hot weather. PLASTFOIL® roofing membranes are painted in light colors, so the roof reflects rays from the sun and stays cool for a longer period.

Waterproofing your roof with PLASTFOIL® materials allows you to secure the roof against moisture, cold, heat, solar radiation and other external influences.