Shallow foundation waterproofing

polymer waterproofingPLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing helps to protect the foundation from the damaging effects of groundwater and rainwater. PLASTFOIL® flexibility allows you to preserve the monolithic protection of the foundation, is highly resistance to mechanical impact and has a service life of more than 30 years which guarantees owners maintenance-free country houses. Applying PLASTFOIL® waterproofing in tandem with PENOPLEX® thermal insulation in shallow foundation construction significantly improves the energy efficiency and reliability of buildings and structures.

Weld PLASTFOIL® plates with hot air using manual welding equipment without the use of open fire, which makes the lay-up procedure simple and safe.

Furthermore, PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing for foundations solves the problem of stains and micro-cracks at the bottom of the building, which most often are caused by fungi and other microorganisms. According to the results of special tests, PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing is fungus-resistant and absolutely biologically stable, which means that it will easily protect the house from any harmful bacteria.

Traditional foundation waterproofing

polymer waterproofingThe tasks of waterproofing underground structures are best solved by PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing. It has high elasticity (elongation at break is more than 300%), that’s why in case of any building settlement, or the most radical decision of the architect, it ensures reliable protection of the insulated construction.

Another problem that arises in traditional foundation construction is force of frost heaving. The massive foundation is not always a reliable protection: the deformations lead to damage or even destruction of underground building structures during the first year of operation. The penetration of moisture into the foundation reduces the thermo-physical indicators of the entire building (up to 20% of heat loss falls within the foundation area).

The underground structure elements are constantly in contact with the ground, exposed to moisture, pressure of ground and groundwater. Therefore, in order to prevent these destructive effects, it is recommended not only to waterproof the underground elements, but also to insulate them with the use of PENOPLEX® thermal insulation.