Underground structure renovation

Underground structure renovationThe protective structures of underground facilities are under significant loads caused by ground and groundwater pressure throughout their service life, which in case of low-quality construction materials, can lead to rapid deterioration. At the same time, the repair of existing underground structures (tunnel, parking, etc.) is difficult and requires considerable time and financial expenditures.

That is why, in order to maximally extend the period of maintenance-free operation of underground structures, it is required to use only top quality building materials in their construction and repair. The most important element for any underground structure is a reliable and durable waterproofing system.

Underground structure renovationThe waterproofing material used in the construction and renovation of underground structures should have the following characteristics:

  • high tensile strength;
  • optimal flexibility and elasticity, which minimizes the risks of ruptures in the waterproof layer in case of movement or deformation of the structure and ground;
  • biostability (constant contact with the soil and aggressive environments contained in it should not be dangerous for it);
  • long service life.

Реконструкция тоннелей с использованием полимерной мембраны PLASTFOIL GEOPLASTFOIL® GEO polymer membrane has all the above characteristics, so it is ideal for waterproofing underground structures. PLASTFOIL® GEO membrane has a signal layer of yellow color, so it is possible to quickly detect the damage of the waterproofed flooring during installation (and sometimes during operation).

The results of tests carried out at K.D. Pamfilov Academy of Municipal Services OJSC have shown that PLASTFOIL® GEO material is absolutely biostable, and cannot be a breeding ground for fungi and microorganisms. According to GOST 9.048-91 “Labratory test methods for resistance to the influence of mold and fungi” - 0 points in the framework of the tests.

PLASTFOIL® GEO guarantees a long maintenance-free service life for any underground structure.