Company History

The mission of our Company is to remain a recognized leader in the production of high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly insulation materials. Our strategy is based on an innovative approach to provide our consumers with with high-tech materials with features and properties which meet the modern requirements being reliable, convenient, flameproof and ecology.

Organization of the production of PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing materials is the second global strategic step of PENOPLEX® holding in the market of insulation materials. In 1998, our company became the first domestic manufacturer of thermally insulated materials made from extruded polystyrene foam. This served as the impelling force for developing these products in the Russian market.  To this day,  PENOPLEX® remains the leader in this market in terms of product quality, as well as sales volumes, with a current market share of 56%.

In 2007, PENOPLEX ® became a pioneer in production organization in Russian territory of a new generation of waterproofing materials - polymer coatings.

A prerequisite for this step was the difficult state of the Russian market of roofing and waterproofing materials, which for decades used bituminous products, with a service life which did not exceed 5 years. While in Western Europe and North America, long-term and reliable polymeric materials were becoming more popular – at the moment 40% and 75% of the market, respectively, the huge sums were spent on repairs of annually leaking bituminous roofs in Russia.

Since the organization of the first domestic production of PLASTFOIL® roofing and waterproofing polymeric materials with a potential service life of the roof membrane at about 30 years - the situation started to change greatly.

In 2007, the first stage of production with the capacity of 10 million square meters per year was launched, and in 2008 - the second line with the similar capacity was launched. The plant has its own work unit for PVC mixing, i.e. it has a complete production cycle: from preparing PVC compounds to packaging finished products.

The plant for the production of PLASTFOIL® roofing and waterproofing materials is located in Kirishi, Leningrad region (150 km from Saint Petersburg, 550 km from Moscow) with an annual capacity of 20 million square meters of waterproofing a year –it is one of the largest enterprises in Europe.
Currently, the plant produces a wide range of waterproofing materials: for regions with a hot climate, for regions with severe winter frosts, materials for underground structures: tunnels, foundations; materials for artificial reservoirs: pools, ponds, etc.

All the products manufactured at the plant, pass strict quality control, which is confirmed by national certificates from leading technical institutes and organizations. Besides PLASTFOIL® production is the first and only polymer waterproofing, produced in the Russian Federation, which received a European product quality certificate from SGS, the world’s leading certification company. This certificate proves that by acquiring PLASTFOIL®, you buy a reliable future for waterproofing, which was proved by the most serious tests in European laboratories.