PLASTFOIL® for private housing in Poland

PLASTFOIL® for private housing in PolandIn the Polish city of Lodz, the terrace of one of the private residential houses is protected by a high-quality waterproofing polymeric membrane PLASTFOIL® Eco with a thickness of 1.5 mm.

Nowadays membrane waterproofing is in demand mainly in the construction and reconstruction of commercial real estate. For the last year in Poland and other European countries many projects have been implemented using PLASTFOIL® material for shopping and office centers, car dealerships, and industrial enterprises. In European countries popularity of high-performance polymeric membrane is growing rapidly in the field of private housing.

The owners of the house in Lodz should not be afraid of leaks in the rooms under the terrace. The membrane PLASTFOIL® is reliable not only over the entire surface, but also at the joints, since rolls are connected using high-tech hot air welding. This ensures a high quality of seam, which is not considered as a vulnerable area from the point of view of leaks in membrane waterproofing.

In Europe up to 80% of flat roofs and roofs with a weak slope are now are installed applying waterproofing coatings from polymeric membranes. PLASTFOIL® material has light weight and at the same time it has a high strength, elasticity, resistance to UV radiation, chemical and biological resistance. The material is durable, its service life in the conditions of the most intensive and difficult operation will be at least 50 years.