PLASTFOIL® for the Bulgarian Confectionary Plant

PLASTFOIL� for the Bulgarian Confectionary PlantReliable waterproofing polymeric membrane PLASTFOIL® Eco with a thickness of 1,5 mm protects the roof of the Prestige confectionary factory in the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo.

Bulgaria is one of the largest importers of PLASTFOIL® waterproofing materials among foreign countries. Just in 2018 this material was installed on the roofs of various facilities in such cities as Burgas, Ruse, Razgrad, Primorsko and in the same Veliko Tarnovo in the building supermarket Praktis. Transition from outdated bitumen waterproofing coatings to modern membrane is going in European countries much more actively than in Russia. Nowadays from 40 to 80% of flat and slightly sloping roofs of European cities are covered with polymeric membranes. Their advantages over bitumen waterproofing are evident as early as the construction stage.

Despite the small thickness (1.2-2 mm), a single layer of PLASTFOIL® is enough for a complete waterproofing roof covering, as opposed to bituminous, which usually is installed in several layers. The installation technology of waterproofing membranes is quite simple and productive at the same time. A team of three persons installs up to 1000 square meters of roof per one working day. This is performed without use of open fire, which is important for the application of the material in fire-hazardous industries, where waterproofing membranes can be installed without interrupting technological processes.

PLASTFOIL® has a much smaller specific density than bituminous coatings; therefore it is easier and cheaper to store it, as well as to transport and deliver to the construction site.

PLASTFOIL® Eco covers 4000 m2 of the roof of the Prestige confectionary factory in Veliko Tarnovo. Due to the strength, biological and chemical resistance, durability of up to 50 years, the membrane will provide a long period of maintenance-free operation.

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