Warehouses and logistics parks

Warehouses and logistics parksA logistics Complex is a complicated system as it includes a number of transactions and, most importantly, a great responsibility for stored goods. Responsible storage of goods always involves all sorts of conditions influencing the safety of cargo and goods. These include temperature, relative humidity, air velocity and illumination.

As a rule, the area of these buildings amounts to tens of thousands of square meters. Considering the facility area and the amount of goods stored inside, it is extremely important to secure it.

The highest technical characteristics of PLASTFOIL® modern polymer waterproofing ensure the reliable protection of roofs of multimeter logistics and storage facilities:

  • PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane is produced with the use of top quality raw materials only from reputable foreign manufacturers, the production process is carried out on modern German equipment, and our own laboratory ensures quality control at every stage of the production cycle. All these conditions make it possible to obtain the final product of European quality.
  • Nearly zero water absorption of PLASTFOIL® can secure the roof against leakages and extend the service life of the waterproofed flooring.
  • The light color of the top layer substantially reduces the surface heating, thereby reducing the risk of cracking the waterproofed flooring. Durability of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane is more than 30 years.
  • The installation features PLASTFOIL® make it quick roofing work, which is particularly important for a large area of logistics complexes.

PLASTFOIL® is supplied to facilities in coils from 40 to 50 sq.m in area. It’s no secret that the main construction problem of waterproofed flooring consists in junctions and joints of the waterproofing coils. The width of PLASTFOIL® plates is 2 meters, which significantly reduces the number of junctions of adjacent coils, and a large area (from 40 to 50 sq. m) reduces the installation time and complete task time. This is especially important, as over a large part of Russia construction season is not infinite and, as a rule, the contractors try to complete their work before the beginning of severe frost.

PLASTFOIL polymer membrane is also effectively used as coating for unheated warehouses.

Mobile structurally light warehouses make it possible to quickly expand a covered and unheated area for storage of different goods or materials.

Generally, sheet steel is used in coating roofs of unheated warehouses like hangars. However, PLASTFOIL® polymeric membrane coating is becoming more popular, as it is cheaper than steel and is resistant enough to snow and other loads.

PLASTFOIL® polymeric membrane coating has a tensile strength of 12-14 MPa, absolute water resistance and resistance to negative temperatures (-35ºС, −55ºС — for NORD brand).