Reliable, stable and durable PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing is actively used in constructing tunnels and underground subway stations.

During the construction of any underground structure, and in particular, such a strategically important facility as a metro, one of the key factors for successful long-term and maintenance-free operation is the reliability of the waterproofing system.

Waterproof coating tunnels and underground stations is, in extreme conditions, under high groundwater pressure, and the structure itself is exposed to significant stress caused by the regular train movement.

Repairing existing underground structures is very complex and expensive, and in some cases – it is even impossible. Therefore, vital systems of the metro, such as, waterproofing, use a multi-level protection from damage during construction, including:

  • continuous water resistance control;
  • the repair system is initially installed in the structure in the assembly and during operation.

MetroWaterproofing underground structures using PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane has a number of advantages, securing underground structures against the leakages:

  • Control joint leakage with compressed air;
  • using membranes with a signal layer for fault detection;
  • creation of closed sealed sections in the waterproofing area, which are combined with the injection system for locating leakages in case of damage and their repair with polymer compositions.

In order to ensure high quality and long-term maintenance, the waterproofing of underground structures is installed by authorized contractors - specially trained and approved by experts from the PENOPLEX Company.