Parking lot waterproofing

Parking lot waterproofingPLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing is successfully applied for waterproofing different unground structures, including underground parking. The structure of any car parking lot is subjected to considerable stress throughout its lifetime: regular vehicle movement, influence of groundwater, as well as the weight of the building.

That is why the material used for the waterproofing protective structures of the parking lot should have characteristics such as a high resistance to tearing, biostability, flexibility, wear resistance.

Parking lot waterproofingIn addition, the building, where the vehicles regularly move, is characterized by leakages of oil or gasoline. Thus, another important requirement of the material used for parking lot waterproofing is its resistance to chemically aggressive environments.

PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane fully complies with all the requirements, ensuring a long, maintenance-free service for underground parking.