Sports facilities

Sports facilitiesIn recent years, social policy is aimed at the development of sport and a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, more new sports complexes and sports infrastructure facilities are built every year: indoor ice rinks, tennis courts, swimming pools, health clubs and other sports facilities.

As a result, the construction standards change, requirements on the materials used and structures become stricter, in order to make sports facilities safer and more modern.

Taking into account current trends, the manufacturer of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane together with the experts of FGBU VNIIPO of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation have developed a complex system of thermal insulation for roofs on the basis of the "PROOF" profiled steel sheet.

The "PROOF" system solves the problem of roofing thermal insulation for sports facilities in the most efficient manner:

  • Due to the high thermal protection of PENOPLEX® plates, the "PROOF" system costs much less than traditional structures;
  • The test results have shown that the "PROOF" system is fireproof (fire hazard class K0), which is in agreement with the fire resistance requirements applied to these structures;
  • As a result of combined use of PENOPLEX® thermal insulation, the weight of which is significantly less than the weight of the roof wadding, the operational characteristics of the roof significantly increase.

Thus, due to constant requirements on the bearing capacity of the main structural elements of the building (foundation, metal supports, collar beams, profiled flooring, etc.), the use of "PROOF" combined with the thermal insulation system makes it possible to reduce the weight of the roofing pie by more than 2 times, thereby it significantly increases the snow load per square meter.